Foundational Booklets

Foundational Booklets

The PDF files in this series provide concise, informative, economical booklets developed by the Center for Creative Learning to address specific “foundational” topics relating to creativity, CPS, talent development, or problem-solving style. Each booklet in this on-going series provides a compact but thorough survey of key ideas and information about a specific topic in one of the three focus areas.

These booklets (24 - 32 page PDF files) provide an up-to-date, convenient, and information-packed synthesis that helps you to keep up with the latest thinking in the field. They also serve as a springboard for in-depth reading and research on that topic. Each booklet give you the information and references you need about contemporary topics and issues—at your finger tips, in an informal and readable presentation.

Each booklet is $12.00. The purchase price includes permission to make one electronic copy (as a personal back-up copy) and print up to three copies. Contact us to arrange licensing for group distribution or multiple print copies.

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