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Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving
Assessing Personal Creativity Characteristics

5011-CAIS-CoverBy Dr. Donald J. Treffinger and Dr. Edwin C. Selby

A complete set of six scales (self, peer, parent, teacher, mentor, and other community leader) for rating personal creativity characteristics. Tools for formative or diagnostic assessment. Use the data in a profile following a research-based model (generating ideas, digging deeper into ideas, openness and courage in exploring ideas, and listening to one's inner voice). Includes instructions for scoring and interpretation and permission to reproduce the scales for educational use. Product #5011-12

Self-Directed Learning Information Kit

SDL-CoverBy Dr. Donald J. Treffinger

Provides information about our model for Self-Directed Learning and the SCATS Self-Assessment inventory to assess your preferred teaching styles. Product #5010-12

Climate for Creativity and Innovation: Educational Implications (3rd Edition)

creatclimate-coverDr. Scott G. Isaksen, Dr. Donald J. Treffinger, and K. Brian Dorval

Nine important research-based factors for establishing and maintaining a climate for creativity. Product #5003-11

Creativity, Creative Thinking, and Critical Thinking: In Search of Definitions

defins-coverCompiled by Dr. Donald J. Treffinger

More than 100 definitions of creative and critical thinking, with a complete reference citation for the original sources. 28 pages, Revised Edition (2011), Product #5001-11

Dimensions of Creativity

dimensions-coverDr. Donald J. Treffinger
An overview of the fundamental elements or components that influence creativity, and the ways in which they interact.  Product #5004-11

Practical Tips for Presenters and Writers

practtipscoverDr. Donald J. Treffinger
50+ practical tips on making effective presentations or becoming a published writer in the fields of talent development and productive thinking. (Third Ed., 2011). Product #5005-11

Guidelines for Selecting or Developing Materials to Teach Productive Thinking

guidelines-coverDr. Donald J. Treffinger, Dr. John F. Feldhusen, and Dr. Scott G. Isaksen
Criteria for comparing and evaluating published resources for fostering creative and critical thinking, or for curriculum development. (1996).  Product #5006-11

Thinking Tools Facilitator’s Guide. Volume I: Generating Tools

gentoolscoverDr. Donald J. Treffinger and Ms. Carole A. Nassab
Specific guidelines for generating ideas and Facilitator Guides, with reproducible student worksheet pages, for five basic tools for generating options (Attribute Listing, Brainstorming, Force-Fitting, Morphological Matrix, and SCAMPER). New edition, 2011. Product #5007-11

Thinking Tools Facilitator’s Guide. Volume II: Focusing Tools

focustoolscoverDr. Donald J. Treffinger and Ms. Carole A. Nassab
Specific guidelines for focusing ideas and Facilitator Guides, with reproducible student worksheet pages, for five basic tools for focusing options (ALoU, Evaluation Matrix, Hits and Hot Spots, Paired Comparison Analysis PCA, and Sequencing SML). New edition, 2011. Product #5008-11

Combined Tool Guides Set: Generating and Focusing

gen-n-focustoolscoverIncludes both #5007-11 and #5008-11; $20.00 (Save 20%).

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