Problem Solving Styles

Problem Solving Styles
Building Successful Families With Style

7101-11-coverE. C. Selby, J. H. Crumel, R. Purifico, and S. Purifico 
Family members often have contrasting personal problem-solving styles. Their differences can create challenges for problem solving and communication, but can also be a source of strength. This booklet offers practical ideas for understanding and using each person’s style preferences to build and maintain strong family relationships. Product #7101-11.

Creating Collaborative Boards and Committees with Style

7104-11-coverJ. H. Crumel, R. Purifico, S. Purifico, and E. Selby 
Everyone who now serves (or has ever served) on an organizational board or committee will recognize the challenges addressed in this booklet. It explores individual style preferences of board or committee members, as might typically be found in churches, homeowner groups, social or fraternal groups, or many other organizations, the ways in which style differences can inhibit or encourage group productivity and teamwork, and practical ways to honor our strengths and differences for more effective results. Product #7104-11.

Leading Education with Style

7102-11-coverRobert T. Purifico, Edwin C. Selby, James H. Crumel, and SusanBeth S. Purifico 
Working with colleagues on the challenges of educational leadership and change, school improvement, curriculum planning, or similar tasks can be frustrating or rewarding. This booklet illustrates the importance and benefits of understanding style among educational leaders-- from classroom teachers to superintendents and School Board members. Product #7102-11.

YOUr Style

7103-11-coverSusanBeth S. Purifico,  James H. Crumel, Robert T. Purifico, and Edwin C. Selby
YOU are unique! Each individual brings his or her personal style to countless everyday tasks and interactions. This booklet provides an informal look at three important dimensions of personal style. It offers practical insights to help adolescents or adults understand their style and its importance. Product #7103-11.

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