Elementary Science Activities (Grades 3-5)

Elementary Science Activities (Grades 3-5)
Incredible Water

Knows that common materials (e.g., water) can be changed from one state to another by heating and cooling.

Basic thinking tool: Brainstorming

The Making of a Scientist

Knows that through the use of science processes and knowledge, people can solve problems, make decisions, and form new ideas.

Basic thinking tool: Attribute Listing

Conservation Challenge

Understands the need for protection of the natural systems on Earth.

Basic thinking tool: Force-Fitting

Investigation Green Thumb

Understands the competitive, interdependent, cyclic nature of living things in the environment.

Basic thinking tool: Hits/Hot Spots

Renewable Energy

Knows that the limited supply of usable energy sources (e.g., fuels such as coal or oil) places great significance on the development of renewable energy sources.

Basic Thinking Tool: ALoU

Help! A Science Project

Knows that a successful method to explore the natural world is to observe and record, and then analyze and communicate the results.

Basic thinking tool: Sequencing SML

Healthy Bites

Understands essential concepts about nutrition and diet.

Basic thinking tool: Morphological Matrix

Magnetic Appeal

Physical Science. As a result of the activities all students should develop an understanding of: Properties of objects and materials Light, heat, electricity, and magnetism

Basic thinking tool: SCAMPER

Fair Science

Understands the nature of scientific knowledge, the nature of scientific inquiry, the nature of the scientific enterprise.

Basic thinking tool: Evaluation Matrix

Creeping Crawling

Understands the structure and function of cells and organisms; knows that living organisms have distinct structures and body systems that serve specific functions in growth, survival, and reproduction.

Basic thinking tool: Paired Comparisons

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