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Distance Learning Modules Features and Benefits

The table below summarizes the features and benefits of this innovative approach to learning CPS.

Feature of Our Modules

Benefits For You

Learn directly from CPS experts. Our modules were developed by an experienced team of researchers, trainers, and classroom teachers.

You benefit from the guidance of veteran educators and researchers. You know the content will be both “solid” and “useful.”

Our Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Framework builds on more than five decades of published work.

You’ll be learning methods and tools that have been proven to work for others worldwide and will work for you, too.

Our modules respond to varied learning styles by including text, video, and interactive online activities.

You will be able to learn and reinforce new information and skills in varied ways (not just with pages to view or heads-on-screen video lectures to watch).

Our approach is an integrated system, in which the component parts contribute to and add strength to the whole. We go beyond giving you isolated “bits” of information.

You’ll learn skills and tools that will be easy to integrate and blend with each other as well as with your content and you will really use what you’re learning, not just collect pages for a file folder or notebook.

Learn methods that are used worldwide, in businesses, international organizations, and educational settings.

You will learn and share with others vital skills that are important and useful throughout life (not just “fun and games”).

Our CPS methods and tools are easy to learn and enjoyable to use but they also have depth and power.

You’ll learn the why as well as the how, and finally have support that goes beyond a few worksheets of “Monday morning cute stuff.”

The Bottom Line: If you’re looking for learning and tools that combine a sound scientific foundation with practical, workable materials, we offer what you’re seeking.

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