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Assessing Creativity Index

1 A Childhood Attitude Inventory for Problem Solving View
2 A Survey of Students Educational Talent and Skills: A.S.S.E.T.S. View
3 Abedi Creativity Test View
4 AC Test of Creative Ability View
5 Adjective Check List View
6 ALPHA Biographical Inventory View
7 Assesing CPS Performance (3rd Ed.) View
8 Barron-Welsh Art Scale View
9 Berkeley Experimental Problem Solving Tests View
10 Biographical Inventory Creativity View
11 Biographical Inventory for Students View
12 Biographical Inventory - Form U View
13 Combined Efficacy Scale for Creative Productivity View
14 Comprehensive Ability Battery View
15 Creative Activities Checklist View
16 Creative Behavior Inventory View
17 Creative Behavior Inventory View

Creative Product Semantic Scale

19 Creative Reasoning Test View
20 Creative Thinking Test View
21 Creativity Assessment Packet View
22 Creativity Attitude Survey View
23 Creativity Checklist View
24 Creativity Tests for Children View
25 Denny-Ives Creativity Test View
26 Drawing Completion Task View
27 Flanagan Aptitude Classification Tests/Ingenuity (FACT Battery) View
28 Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales (GATES) View
29 Gifted and Talented Screening Form View
30 Gifted Evaluation Scale-Second Edition (GES-2) View
31 Gross Geometric Forms View
32 Group Inventory for Finding Interest (GIFFI) View
33 Group Inventory for finding Talent (GIFT) View
34 Inventory of Individually Perceived Group Cohesiveness View
35 Khatena-Morse Multitalent Perception Inventory View
36 Khatena-Torrance Creative Perception Inventory View
37 Kit of Reference Tests for Cognition View
38 Leadership Skills Inventory View
39 Measure of Questioning Skills View
40 Meeker Creativity Rating Scale View
41 Miller Motivation Scale View
42 Modes of Thinking in Young Children View
43 Mother Goose Problems Test, Revised Edition View
44 Owens Creativity Test View
45 Parental Evaluation Children's Creativity View
46 Pennsylvania Assessment of Creative Tendency View
47 Personal Creativity Assessment View
48 Personal Orientation Dimensions View
49 Personal Orientation Inventory View
50 Pikunas Graphoscipic Scale View
51 Preconscious Activity Scale View
52 Preschool and Kindergarten Interest Descriptor View
53 Process Skills Rating Scales View
54 Remote Associates Tests View
55 Scales for Rating the Behavioral Characteristics of Superior View
56 Selected Creativity Tasks View
57 Similes View
58 Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF), 5th Ed. View
59 Starkweather Originality Test View
60 Structure of Intellect Learning Abilities Test View
61 Student Talent and Risk Profile (Star) View
62 Test for Creative Thinking-Drawing Production View
63 Test of Creative Potential View
64 Test of Creative Thinking View
65 The Creative Dramatics Test View
66 The Creativity Self-Report Scale View
67 The Gross Geometric Forms Test for Children View
68 The Problem Solving Inventory View
69 The Purdue Elementary Problem Solving Inventory View
70 Thinking Creatively in Action and Movement View
71 Thinking Creatively with Sounds and Words View
72 Torrance Test of Creative Thinking View


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