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Assessing Creativity Test 11

Test Number 11
Title Biographical Inventory for Students
Author Siegel, L.
Category Self-Report Inventory
Copyright Date 1960
Availability Tests in Microfiche; Test Collection, ETS Call# TC001515
Age/Grade Level High School/College
Cost Out of print; contact ETS
Forms Two: Male and Female
Source Educational Testing Service
Address Princeton, NJ 08541
web or e-mail
Purposes Designed to elicit factual biographical information using sub-scores which include:action; social activities; heterosexual activities; religious activities; literature, music and art; political activities; socioeconomic status; economic independence, depe
Characteristics Openness and Courage to Explore Ideas

Fair The instructions for administration are clear. The manual seems well organized. Data is limited. The norm samples are limited. Correlations are reported with no indication of the actual number of subjects that were the basis of the correlation.

Fair Validated against two general classes of criteria: personality, values, and interest inventories; and indices of scholastic ability and achievement. This is based on a limited sample.

Fair The manual reports a mean stability for all sub scores combined of .84. Stability was assessed on a sample of 53 male high school seniors. Stability has not been estimated for the female form. Split-half correlations ranged from .53 to .93.

Good The test consists of 93 multiple-choice biographical questions. It can be administered to groups or individuals by any professionals, untimed, in about 55-60 minutes. Scoring is local by hand or computer. Scoring keys are provided.

Fair Males and females have some differently worded items and scoring. The lack of supporting data makes meaningful interpretation and application of scores difficult. The items are very dated.

Poor Not addressed.

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