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Assessing Creativity Test 27

Test Number 27
Title Flanagan Aptitude Classification Tests/Ingenuity (FACT Battery)
Author Flanagan, J. C
Category Test
Copyright Date 1975
Availability Out of print
Age/Grade Level H.S. - adult
Cost No current information available
Forms A Battery of 18 tests. Test 9 is ingenuity.
Source No current information available
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Definition Ingenuity involves inventing or discovering a solution to a problem. More narrowly defined than creativity which involves evoking something new into being, something which did not previously exist. Ingenuity emphasizes the recognition of the existence of a problem and the ability to offer a neat, clever, or surprising solution.
Purposes To predict success related to certain jobs by assessing an individual’s abilities in terms of: inventing or discovering a solution to a problem; developing a neat, clever, novel, surprising, practical, useful solution to a real problem usually fitting, an
Characteristics Generating Ideas Digging Deeper into Ideas

Good The manual is through and well-organized. It includes a discussion of the test’s definition, purposes,theoretical rationale, target populations and uses, history and development, reliability evidence, administration and scoring instructions.

Fair Further validation studies are recommended, claims of validity are not supported by the data.

Fair Stability results in a 1958 study: Grade 9, N = 991 r = .76; Grade 12, N = 1056 r = .80. Overall, MMY #8 reports that many of the sub-tests have a low reliability.

Good This test can be administered by any professional to groups or individuals. It is timed and takes 24 minutes. Scoring is local and by hand using overlay stencils

Fair Norms are based on a 1958 study involving 10972 cases in all four high school grades. It seems however that the results would have little application for creativity identification or instruction. The items are dated and seemed aimed at IQ instead of ingenuity or creativity.

Poor Information not available

Reviews & Related Lit
MMY #7, 1972: Murphy, H. D. and McQuary, J. P.: “There are several features that recommend this test to the counselor for use in vocational counseling… The reviewers feel that this is a well-designed battery of tests and that the novel approach used by the test constructor warrants its continued use.” MMY #8, 1978: MacKinney, A. C. “Overall this is a good series of aptitude tests, potentially useful in personal selection.”

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