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Assessing Creativity Test 40

Test Number 40
Title Meeker Creativity Rating Scale
Author Meeker, M.
Category Rating Scale
Copyright Date 1987
Availability SOI Systems
Age/Grade Level All ages
Cost Contact publisher
Source SOI Systems
Address 45755 Goodpasture Rd., Box D Vida, OR 97488
Phone 541-896-3936
Fax 541-896-3983
web or e-mail
Definition Creative characteristics include social and academic factors. Other factors are unusual sensitivity to people, problems and perceptual stimuli; verbal and motor fluency; flexibility in social situations, with numerical concepts, with abstract concepts, and with concrete media; originality of ideas, of verbal and motor expressions, and in sense of humor; verbal and social problem solving with the ability to abstract, organize, synthesize; energy level; perseverance; and impatience with routine.
Purposes This instrument is used to identify persons with creative potential. Designed for rating students in sensitivity, fluency, flexibility, originality organizing and synthesizing ability, perseverance, energy, impatience with routine.
Characteristics Generating Ideas Digging Deeper into Ideas Openness and Courage to Explore Ideas

  Material from publisher includes the rating scale, description booklet, analyses of the rating scale and other technical data. The manual has not been reviewed.

  Technical data have not been reviewed.

  Technical data have not been reviewed.

Fair Respondents measure their creative characteristics based on scale options “high, medium, or low.”

  Technical data have not been reviewed.

  Technical data have not been reviewed.

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