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Assessing Creativity Test 47

Test Number 47
Title Personal Creativity Assessment
Author Hiam, A.
Category Self-Report Inventory
Copyright Date 1999
Availability HRD Press
Age/Grade Level Adults
Cost Contact publisher
Source HRD Press
Address 22 Amherst Road Amherst, MA 01002-9709
web or e-mail
Definition Relates creativity to the presence or absence of blocks and barriers.
Purposes Purports to be designed to allow individuals “to determine how creative they are”—actually focuses more on reactions or perceptions to a variety of obstacles to creativity.
Characteristics Openness and Courage to Explore Ideas Listening to One's Inner Voice

Poor Leaders’s Guide presented general information about creativity— largely enthusiastic “cheerleading” material about the importance and value of creativity and sample handouts for a very basic seminar.

Poor No data were available for review.

Poor No data were available for review.

Fair This is a 62 item, 5 point Likert-type scale. It takes about 20 to 25 minutes to complete the measure. Contact publisher for more information.

Fair The items correlate with 31 creativity barriers and 31 creativity enablers. Contact publisher for more information.

Poor No data were available for review.

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