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Assessing Creativity Test 48

Test Number 48
Title Personal Orientation Dimensions
Author Shostrom, E. L.
Category Self-Report Inventory
Copyright Date 1977
Availability Contact publisher
Age/Grade Level H.S.-adult
Cost Specimen set-$8.75; 25 booklets- $21.75 ; 50 answer sheets-$14.75
Source Educational and Industrial Testing Service
Address Box 7234 San Diego, CA 92107
Phone 1-800-416-1666
Fax 619-226-1666
web or e-mail
Definition Creative Living: the capacity to be effective and innovative and become excited about decisions, judgments, or tasks; the utilization of unique or individual ways of problem solving.
Purposes A measure of values and behavior seen to be of importance to actualizing and positive mental health as opposed to psychopathology. It operationalizes the work of Maslow.
Characteristics Openness and Courage to Explore Ideas Listening to One's Inner Voice

  Not reviewed

  Not reviewed

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Fair The items are non-threatening and provide a positive approach to personality assessment. Hand-scoring takes 2 minutes or less per sheet. Machine scoring is available. The measures consists of 150 two-choice value and behavior items.

Good College norms are in percentile scores. Adult mean scores and profiles are presented with means, standard deviations and plotted profiles of “self-actualized” and “non- self- actualized” groups and other clinical and industrial samples. It is scored for two major scales and ten sub-scales.

Poor Not addressed

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