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Assessing Creativity Test 62

Test Number 62
Title Test for Creative Thinking-Drawing Production
Author Urban, K. K. ; Jellen, H. G.
Category Test
Copyright Date 1996
Availability Contact publisher (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Age/Grade Level Age 3 - adult
Cost Complete test set $64; manual, $29; test forms: $0.70 each.
Forms Forms A and B
Source Swets Test Publishers (The Netherlands)
Address Zakenventrum “de Witte Zwaan”, Haven 3a, 2161 KS Lisse, The Netherlands
Phone +31 252 435930
Fax +31 252 435901
web or e-mail
Definition The measure addresses: continuations, completions; new elements; connections made with lines; connections that contribute to a theme; boundary breaking; being fragment dependent; perspective; humor/affectivity/ emotionality/expressive; power of drawing; unconventionality; unconventional manipulation; symbolic/abstract/ fictional, unconventionality ; symbol-figure-combinations; non-stereotypical utilization of given fragments/ figures, speed. Taps fluency, flexibility, elaboration, originality as elements of divergent thinking.
Purposes Designed to serve as a first rough, simple, and economic assessment of creative potential.
Characteristics Generating Ideas

Excellent The manual is clearly-written. It provides a discussion of the measure’s definition and purposes, theoretical rationale, target populations and uses, norms, interpretation support, validity and reliability evidence, supporting research, history and develo

Poor Limited data regarding validity.

Good Based on 7 Hungarian classes of 4th grade students correlations for equivalence were .64-.77 with a mean=.70. Comparing ratings of two trained scorers the correlations were .89-.97 with a mean=.93. Six scorers for 10 productions of different levels result

Good This measure is designed for group administration. It takes 30 minutes to complete. The directions are clear. Several stimuli are provided in the form of figural fragments which allow the test taker to respond freely, developing a drawing within a given time limit. It can be scored locally, by hand, by anyone using guidelines.

Good Norms are based on a German sample of 2,286. Fifteen sub scores and a total, percentiles, and T-scores are provided. Scoring is based on 11 criteria (not including drawing ability) which assess creativity within the final drawing production.

Poor Information in not available.

Reviews & Related Lit
Jellen, H. G., & Urban, K. K. (1986). The TCT-DP (Test for Creative Thinking-Drawing Production): an instrument that can be applied to most age and ability group. Creative Child and Adult Quarterly, 11(3), 138-155.

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