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Assessing Creativity Test 63

Test Number 63
Title Test of Creative Potential
Author Hoepfner, R.; Hemenway, J.
Category Test
Copyright Date 1973
Availability Out of print.
Age/Grade Level Grades 2-adult
Cost Information is not available.
Forms Two parallel forms: A and B
Source Out of Print; originally: Monitor, Hollywood CA (no current address)
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Definition Creativity involves divergent thinking including: flexibility, fluency, originality, and elaboration.
Purposes Designed to assess general creative potential of subjects from seven years of age through adolescence and adulthood. Assesses factors of fluency, flexibility, and elaboration of verbal, symbolic, and figural materials.
Characteristics Generating Ideas

Good The manual is thorough, well-organized, and clearly-written. It covers: definition and purposes, the theoretical rational of the measure, its target populations and uses, norms, history and development, evidence of validity and reliability, and direction

Poor To assess content validity it was used as a pre-post measure with 16 third graders in a creative thinking class t=3.580 and was significant beyond .01. Correlations with the Lorge Thorndike Intelligence Tests were .52 to .59.

Good After 2 to 3 months stability for test A then B =.62, for test B then A, .67. Results for Spearman-Brown ranged from .46 to .84. Based on total scores awarded by 2 experienced scorers, who worked independently of each other using the scoring guide in the

Good Directions for administration are clear for the 3 timed tests. The test take about 30 minutes, can be administered to groups by any professional, and are hand scored locally by a teacher or clerk following the guide. Scoring procedures are clear. Two tests require the student to write words and one to draw things.

Fair Percentiles and Stanines are provided for grades 2-12. No additional training is required for score interpretation. The number of initial subjects appears to be small.

Poor Information is not available.

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