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Assessing Creativity Test 66

Test Number 66
Title The Creativity Self-Report Scale
Author Feldhusen, J. F.; Denny, T.; Condon, D. F.
Category Self-Report Inventory
Copyright Date 1965
Availability Contact first author
Age/Grade Level Grades 7-12
Cost Contact first author
Forms Two forms: Junior and Senior High School; College
Source J. F. Feldhusen
Address c/o Purdue University, GERI West Lafayette, IN 47907
web or e-mail  
Definition Eight factors are considered: self-descriptive items; socially conforming self image; socially nonconforming self image; dynamic, energetic aspects of self image; fluency; diffidence in self image; flexibility; global items.
Purposes Designed to assess creative behavior and attributes of students.
Characteristics Generating Ideas Listening to One's Inner Voice

Fair The manual presents a discussion of target populations and uses, directions for administration, and citations of research. It lacks details and careful organization.

Poor Information not available.

Fair Stability over 10 weeks at the college level was .61 to .73. based on a sample of 200 students. Estimates are not available for junior-senior high.

Good This instrument can be administered to groups by any professional. It is untimed and requires 10-15 minutes. The respondent answers yes or no to a series of 67 statements. Instructions are clear and appropriate.

Fair Norms are based on 311 cases at the junior and senior high school level and 374 cases at the college level. The instrument is properly considered experimental. Limited research data make score interpretation and application difficult.

Poor No data available

Reviews & Related Lit
CCL: While the items are clear, they seem to tap cognitive style or personal type preferences more than creative ability.

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