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Creative Learning and Creative Problem Solving: Free Resources

Here you will  find a number of free resources that will explain CPS, to obtain articles that deal with both research and practice, and to obtain an extensive bibliography to give you direction for future reading and study.

About CPS:

Creative Problem Solving (CPS Version 6.1TM): A Contemporary Framework for Managing Change
This PDF files presents an overview and summary of the CPS components and stages, describing and explaining briefly the benefits of each of the four components and eight stages. The file also presents a brief summary of the evolution and refinement of the CPS model over its five-decades-plus history of research and development.

Bibliography of published work on CPS
This PDF file is an extensive bibliography of published work on CPS.

Creative Learning Today Newsletter

Creative Learning Today is an electronic newsletter published by the Center for Creative Learning on an occasional basis. Click here for more information and/or to download back issues.

Journal Article Reprints:

(for personal use only)

Creative Problem Solving Embedded into Curriculum
In this article (reprinted from Teaching for High Potential, with the permission of the National Association for Gifted Children), the author provides a practical case study of classroom applications of CPS with young children.

Creative Problem Solving (CPS): Powerful Tools for Managing Chance and Developing Talent
This article, from Gifted and Talented International (reprinted with the permission of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children) provides an overview of the CPS framework and a discussion of the implications of CPS for instruction.

Creative Problem Solving in the Trenches: Interventions with At-Risk Population
This extensive monograph summarizes research evidence that responds to the question, “How do we know that CPS makes a difference?” CompendiumCPSEvidence.pdf In this monograph, the authors summarize a number of studies of CPS and talent development initiatives with at-risk students.

Brainstorming: Some Myths and Realities
This monograph provides an extensive review and analysis of research on “brainstorming” and identifies important implications for research and practice. Brainstorm.pdf This article summarizes a number of myths and misunderstandings about “brainstorming” and offers guidelines for using this popular tool more effectively.

Celebrating 50 years of Reflective Practice: Versions of Creative Problem Solving
This article from the Journal of Creative Behavior (2004) summarizes the history and development of the CPS framework spanning more than five decades of research, development, and practice, illustrating the ways in which the model has changed and evolved over time.

Assessing Creativity:

Assessing Creativity: A Guide for Educators
We receive many inquiries about tests, rating scales, and checklists for assessing creativity. We invite you to download and share with others our extensive report on this subject called, “Assessing Creativity: A Guide for Educators”. This report was originally published by the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, at the University of Connecticut.

Note our published set of six rating scales for personal creativity characteristics, based on the model in the Assessing Creativity technical report. A set of these reproducible forms can be purchased at our Online Resources (Foundational Booklets) page on this website.

Assessing Creativity Index
Database of Creativity Tests and Inventories. We have also completed descriptions and brief reviews of more than 70 instruments for assessing creativity. Our Assessing Creativity Index is a list of these reviews. You may read and print any of the instrument information. We request that you credit the Center for Creative Learning as the source for any copies you print.  We regret that we are not able to provide photocopies of any of the Creativity instruments in our database, nor do we offer any of those instruments for purchase. (The entries include the most recent publisher information that we have been able to obtain.) We welcome the opportunity to work personally with clients at our Center, where we can demonstrate instruments, discuss your specific needs and requirements, and assist you in designing appropriate assessment plans. Contact the Center for information about fees and availability for these services. For more information on Problem Solving Style, go to the Problem Solving Style page.

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