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Recognizing and Nurturing Talents and Gifts: Free Resources

Here you will find a number of free resources that will explain the LoS approach, provide case studies of the LoS model in action in the school setting, and offer directions for future reading and study.

Click here to read Dear School People: What Are You Doing To Find And Develop My Child's Talents? 25 tough questions that are more important than, Is my child in the Gifted Program?"

About our LoS Approach

LoS Brief Overview
A PDF that summarizes in more detail each of the four LoS levels.

LoS Beliefs
This four page document presents our "Fundamental Tenets and Beliefs." These are the basic principles that serve as the foundation for our contemporary approach to talent developmentc emphasizing the importance of "bringing out the best" in all students. This document can be an excellent tool for group discussion if you are planning (or revising) programming to recognize and develop many talents among people of all ages.

This PDF file presents responses to frequently asked questions in several categories: general information and background about LoS, teacher questions, parent questions, and student questions.

LoS Bibliography
A bibliography of published work relating to talent development and to the LoS approach.

LoS Case Studies

Each of these PDF files presents a brief case study of one of the four levels in the LoS approach.

Journal Article Reprints 

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Who We Are

We believe that all people have strengths and talents that are important to recognize, develop, and use throughout life.  Read more.

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