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Talent Development and Giftedness: Workshops

Our approach to talent development recognizes the need for appropriate, challenging, and developmental learning opportunities, at home, in school, and in the community, to bring out the best in every person. While some students require differentiated instruction and services by virtue of strengths and talents already manifest, it is necessary for parents, teachers, and community leaders to recognize and nurture the "often-hidden" strengths, talents, and potentials in all people.  Our "Levels of Service" approach to Talent Development and Giftedness offers a practical plan for programming at all levels.

Our programs are custom-tailored to meet your needs and interests. We will confer with youin order to  create a complete proposal for services to meet your unique needs, and then work closely with you to carry out our collaborative plan.

We will draw on our team of highly experienced professionals, each of whom bring many years of successful educational and professional development experience to their work.  (To meet the members of Center’s leadership and development team, click here.)

Our workshops, training, and consulting services on Talent Development include:

  • Conference presentations
    We can provide keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and pre- or post-conference special workshops for state or province, regional, national, or international conferences.
  • Workshops and Hands-On, Minds-on Training
    Our team will deliver highly engaging, active workshops in several formats:  a one-day overview, a two-day in-depth training, or a week-long institute. We can offer these programs at your site, or in our beautiful setting near the Atlantic Ocean in Melbourne, Florida.
  • Trainer in residence Program
    We can arrange for a Consultant/Trainer in residence at your site, or a Consultant/Trainer at our site via video conferencing and other technologically convenient methods.
  • Distance Learning Opportunites
    13 modules are available for independent work/study.

Any of the Center’s programs and services can be offered at any time of the year, depending on your schedule requirements. Some programs can be arranged on just a few weeks’ notice, although we typically plan programs from three to six months in advance.

You will immediately apply the methods and tools you learn in our program in your own life and thereafter in your work with children, teens, or adults.  But even more important, the value of your experience will extend and grow after the program; we offer more than an enjoyable experience, and we don’t leave you confused or uncertain about what to do after you leave the program site. You will be able to take many new tools and strategies away with you, apply them with confidence, and work with greater confidence and success. We also offer you a variety of ways to obtain continuing support and new learning; we don’t just “present events,” we build relationships!

We invite you to contact the Center for Creative Learning office by email to obtain more information regarding any of these programs.

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