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Problem Solving Styles

Problem-solving styles are consistent individual differences in the ways people prefer to deal with new ideas, manage change, and respond effectively to complex, open-ended opportunities and challenges. 

Knowledge of style is important in education in a number of ways. It contributes to adults’ ability to work together effectively in teams and in large groups.  It provides information that helps educators understand their own personal strengths and how to put them to work as effectively as possible across many tasks and challenges. It helps educators communicate more effectively with each other, but also with parents, community members, and, of course, with students.  In addition to its importance for adults, style can also be important in designing and differentiating instruction.


pdf icon freeProblem Solving Styles: Free resources

pdf_icon_freeHere you will find a number of free resources that will explain more about problem-solving style, to obtain articles that deal with both research and practice, and to obtain a bibliography to give you direction for future reading and study.


Online Resources

pdf_iconWe provide advanced online resources in PDF format to help you understand the VIEW model of problem-solving style and its implications. These resources are available at a reasonable cost for immediate download.  The cost of each one includes permission to duplicate the file for up to three other individuals at no additional charge.


Print Resources

book_iconOur book, An Introduction To Problem-Solving Style by Donald J. Treffinger, Edwin C. Selby, Scott G. Isaksen, and James H. Crumel, provides a concise, practical overview of problem-solving style. It outlines the nature of problem-solving style (based on extensive theory and research), explaining in clear, non-technical language what problem-solving styles are - and are not - and describes three problem-solving style dimensions and six styles. The book explains the important and unique personal characteristics and implications, benefits, and risks of each style.

In addition, the book discusses: the implications of style for effective problem solving; the importance of style for group composition, teamwork, and enhancing work relationships; and, the unique ways the three style dimensions interact with each other. This book is a valuable resource for building self-understanding and for all teams, groups, or organizations that are concerned with effective leadership, teamwork, solving problems, and managing change.


Problem Solving Style Workshops

workshop_iconOur VIEW programs and services are custom-tailored to meet your needs and interests. We will confer with you, create a complete proposal to meet your unique needs, and work closely with you to carry out our collaborative plan.


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