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Creative Problem Solving Online Learning Modules

Distance Learning Modules on Creativity and Creative Problem Solving Available Now!

There are many ways to learn about Creative Problem Solving (CPS) and its applications in educational settings at all levels. We offer workshops and training in CPS, at your site or ours. We also offer a number of print and digital publications on CPS. In response to many requests from individuals who are interested in learning more about CPS, but who are unable to attend workshops or training institutes in person, we offer 13 Distance Learning modules on creativity and Creative Problem Solving (CPS) in education. These modules offer a variety of engaging and interactive opportunities for learning and applying the “basics” of the CPS framework.

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Each module is independent, but they fit together to give you a thorough working knowledge of CPS. The modules are convenient and easy to manage in a busy schedule— just about three hours of work per module. You can access these modules anywhere you have a web connection— on your personal learning schedule and in a sequence that works best for you. You can register for any module individually, or for all 13 to obtain a comprehensive "course" on CPS in education.

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What is the cost of these modules?
The cost of each module is $30.00 (US). Or, subscribe to the entire course, and receive all 13 modules for the price of $250.00 (US). (You will have access to each module for 90 days from the date you first log on to the module.)

Can I share the module with colleagues?

When you register for the program (or for any modules), you will receive a User ID and Password associated with your personal account. We ask that you do not share your access with anyone else. Terms and conditions for these modules are included at the bottom of this page.

What will I receive to verify my completion of a module?
Each module includes a final quiz. Upon successful completion of the module quiz, you will receive a letter of completion via email. The modules do not include college or university credit.

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Terms for Creative Problem Solving Online Learning Modules

Material Limits

Participants of a Creative Problem Solving Online Learning Modules may only use a total of 5 pages of Center for Creative Learning copyrighted materials in handouts. Each page  with Center for Creative Learning LLC copyrighted content must include the appropriate citation on each page.

Training Duration Limit

You may train up to a total of 45 minutes on Center for Creative Learning content. The 45 minute time limit is cumulative. For example, you may not train 45 minutes on Monday, 45 minutes on Tuesday; similarly, you may not teach two items one week, two items the next week.

Presentation Resources

All professional development permission requests must include the handout resource. Within the handout, please be sure to include the proper reference naming Center for Creative Learning LLC as the original source. Contact Marianne Solomon, Executive Director of Center for Creative Learning LLC for request for training and/or other needs.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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